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Mahalasa Narayani Temple Mardol Goa

Mahalasa Narayani Temple Mardol Goa

Mahalasa Narayani Mardol Temple Goa

The image of Goa is very limited at tourism level. But this temple is a symbol of Goa’s simplicity, beauty and culture. If you focus your attention on Goa’s beaches and the atmosphere there will be its historical heritage. So maybe you will realize that Goa’s history is very rich. The Portuguese ruled for more than 400 years in Goa. During this period, they demolished most of Goa’s Temples.¬†Troubled by this, people took the statues of these temples to elsewhere and established them there and built new temples. That is why it is very difficult to estimate today’s origin or its original architecture or its information. One of them is Mahalasa Narayani Mardol Temple Goa.

Mahalasa Narayani Temple
Mahalasa Narayani Mardol Temple

The Mahalsa Temple is the most beautiful and charming temple of the Ponda area or Goa. Decorated with a blue color, this temple is unique in shape. There is a glittering brass on its peak. As you enter the temple, you see everywhere large engraved column. There are unique artistic wooden carvings on the terrace of the evening mantapa with pictures of beautiful red and white wall made using lime and mortar. There are pictures representing the various episodes of Ramayana and Mahabharat on the wall. Many festivals are organized in this temple.

Mahalasa Temple Goa
Mahalasa Mardol Temple Goa

If you want to see the architecture of the ancient temples of Goa, then you should definitely look at the Mahalsa Temple, which is a live example of ancient architecture of Goa. Mahalasa is the name of Mohini Avatar of Lord Vishnu. The Mahalsa Temple was originally located in the Verna village of today. Which was then famous as Varunapur. This temple was shifted to Mardol in the 16th century, that is, this temple is also about 450 years old.

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